The Truth About ROI
and Bathroom Remodels
in Steiner Ranch TeXAS

One of the most commonly Googled questions about bathroom remodeling is what sort of return on investment (ROI) bathroom remodels provide. It’s a fair question – you’re putting a good chunk of money into this project. Will you get an upgraded home value? 

There are two ways of looking at ROI: from a monetary view and from a lifestyle perspective. 

ROI and (Immediate) Home Value

The heroes at JLC’s have been compiling data for years to help us understand what sort of immediate ROI can be anticipated when doing any number of home improvement projects. 

Specifically looking at bathroom remodels, the National average ROI in 2022 was 58.9%. In the South Central region, (which includes Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas), it was slightly lower at 56.5%. In the Greater Austin Area, it was the highest at 60%. Bathroom remodels with universal design features in Austin was even higher, at 62.8%. 

Austin Texas Coast vs Value for Bathroom Remodels

As you can see from the above graph, ROI fluctuates with the housing market and the overall cost of remodeling.Of course, keep in mind that ROI can fluctuate over the years alongside the housing market. But investments like aging-in-place, or universal design, have become more popular, adding to their value year after year.

ROI and Lifestyle

ROI can be determined another way: through personal value. You may not get a full 100% of the cost put into the remodel back in home value, but how about in the way the bathroom remodels makes your home function? Will a bathroom remodel greatly improve your life? The more subjective return on investment of how a remodel makes you feel should more than compensate for return on home value. 

What’s a bathroom remodel worth to you? Talk to us today and see how we can greatly improve your bathing experience, and ultimately, your life.

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