2023 Kitchen Trends in Austin

What’s popular in the world of kitchen remodels

So you’re thinking about remodeling and updating your kitchen. Let’s take a look at what cool new details are trending for kitchen remodels here in Austin.

Current Trends

Here’s what we’re seeing:

  • Having dining space at your kitchen island, the more the better (after all, everything is bigger in Texas, right?)
  • Rustic wood finishes are popping up in ceiling beams, but also as decorative range exhaust hood covers and as island materials
Dinning room and kitchen remodel
  • Black finishes, black cabinets, and other black details (even black countertops)
  • Gold finishes on hardware is still popular but we’re starting to see stainless steel making a comeback, and matte black is joining in
  • Fluted details are popping up as decorative finishes on the back of an island or similar locations
  • A detail popular in mid-century modern style, we’re seeing base cabinets with large drawers and no doors
  • Wide plank & clay tile flooring to bring in some coziness and charm
home remodel view of dining room from kitchen
  • As we’ve slowly started to move away from open concept living spaces, we’re seeing fun architectural details like arched doorways diving the kitchen from the dining room 
  • Organizational cabinet inserts and pull-outs are as popular as ever (there’s nothing more satisfying than a well-organized, functional kitchen)
  • Lowering the microwave from above the range and putting it in base cabinets, especially drawer-style microwaves
  • Retro-inspired looks for the fridge and the range, and in fun pops of color


3 Tips for Incorporating Trends

Like the sound of some of these trends? Here are our three biggest tips to incorporate them:

#1 – Make it easy to change when you hate it. Trends come and go. Your Austin kitchen remodel will last a good 15 to 20 years. It’s for this reason we highly recommend incorporating trends in places that are easy and cost-effective to change out, like cabinet hardware or countertop decorations. 

#2 – Stay within the architectural style of your home. If you have an old farmhouse style home, it’s going to look odd to start bringing in a very modern, sleek style. If you have a really contemporary home, making your kitchen a rustic, old world style is going to feel out of place. Just because a style is trendy, does not mean it will work for you and your home.

#3 – Opt for longevity. We recommend avoiding cheap trends.If your kitchen remodel is going to last you 15 to 20 years, it makes more sense to pick products, materials, and finishes that are good quality and will last those 20 years. 

Ready to start designing your Austin kitchen remodel? Learn more about our design-build process and how we can help you visualize your space before you commit.

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