An Intro to Design-Build: The Four Different Pros You Need to Know
for Your Austin Remodel

And why a design-build remodeler is what you are looking for

Planning your Austin, Texas, remodel can be a daunting task. And nothing is harder than getting started with your research. Finding the perfect company for your remodel can take trial and error, just like interviewing for jobs. 

We want to help make your Austin remodel easier by helping you find the right fit for your project. To do this, allow us to explain the four different kinds of remodel professionals, and their pros and cons.

Architects & Engineers

These professionals are the big guns, the heavy lifters. They do the most intricate, detailed build planning. They also have the strictest licensing requirements to meet. Architects and engineers are really helpful for things like additions or removing a load-bearing wall. However, they don’t have much working knowledge of remodeling costs, so if you work directly with an architect or engineer, and don’t have a general contractor or design-build contractor helping out, you will probably end up with a gorgeous remodel plan that is twice as expensive as your budget allows for.

Interior Designers

If you need help visualizing your home’s potential, interior designers are the go-to professionals. Nobody understands space and color and texture the way interior designers do. And they can usually get you great prices on quality furniture. That being said, most interior designers are not remodel designers. They can be, but you have to search for them. And then you still have to find a contractor to actually do the work, although your interior designer may be able to recommend one. And similarly to architects and engineers, interior designers may not have the best idea of what remodeling will actually cost.

General Contractors

General contractors, or GCs for short, are the do-ers. They show up, demolish the old, and install the new. But most GCs don’t offer design services. Which means they tend to be vague about what the space will look like when it’s done. They also will either tell you exactly what fixtures they’ll be using (which you may or may not like), or they’ll give you an allowance to go find it yourself. GCs aren’t bad, and they can work with your architect or interior designer, but there is a newer, better way.

Design-Build Remodelers

Design-build is the new black. Or at least, it’s the newest, trendiest type of construction company. And this is not a time to shy away from trends. Design-build remodelers offer the best of both worlds by having in-house design services, or working with their design partners, to ensure that your remodel is true to both your vision and your budget. Which is why we use the design-build process to bring your Austin remodel project to life. We will hold your hand through the entire process, from the first phone call to the final walk through of your completed space. 

If you are ready to try a newer, better way of remodeling your Austin, Texas, home, give us a call or fill out our contact form. Let’s talk about what we can do for you and your home!

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